All About Bingo Bonuses

There are tons of online bingo sites that are all trying to attract attention and get new players to register an account. One way sites are successful in doing this is by offering a stellar welcome bonus. The Deposit 10 Get 60 bonus is a popular scheme now being used at many bingo sites and this 500% match offer is definitely one that will get any player off to a great start. This type of bonus is only available to those that have not yet had an account at the site and are making their very first real money deposit. The free money that is offered will benefit players by adding free cash to the account, which can be used to play more bingo games and have more chances at winning.

Finding the Best Bonuses

On order to find the best bonus for bingo, players will have to check out various sites and review their welcome offers. There are a number of sites that will list various bingo sites and the bonuses that are being offered, and sites like this will help players narrow own the choices when they are making a selection. With the information on the latest and best paying bingo bonuses, players will be able to find reliable sites that are offering the Deposit 10 get 60 deal. By having sites provide the information on the available bonuses, players do not have to spend as much time searching for the best offers. They can simply choose from the provided list and start their registration process.

Another great site is Bankroll Mob, where players can see the top rated bingo sites and all of the bonuses that are being offered. This site is easy to navigate and will help any new player choose a bingo site that will meet their needs and will offer awesome bonuses.

How Deposit 10 Get 60 Bonuses Work

There are many bonus offers that are out there, but before redeeming any, players need to know how these deals actually work. With the Deposit 10 Get 60 bonus, players will enjoy a 500% match offer on their first deposit. This bonus is usually restricted, only offering the 60 match to the player. Nonetheless, it is free money that can be used on bingo games supported.

Like the bonuses that are offered at online casinos, bingo bonuses will also have wagering requirements, which means players will have to deposit more cash to play more games, meeting the stated requirement. At some sites, this will be a small amount and at others, it can be quite large. The wagering requirements always have to be met before any winnings generated from the bonus cash can be withdrawn from the site.

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How To Play Bingo

In a bingo game, the players will wait for that lucky chance to yell the word BINGO! This gives them great satisfaction for playing this luck-based game. To get you started, follow these steps on how to play bingo.

How To Play Bingo
  1. Understand the goal of the game. Bingo cards differ from which country you play. In the UK, the goal of bingo is different from the US because you need to fill a single, two or all of the three lines of the card. The cards are composed of 3×9 squares with corresponding numbers and generated randomly. There are ninety balls with numbers and they are picked by the caller.
  2. If you opt to play in your home, designate who will be the caller but if the game is in a hall or a big venue, the caller is already pre identified. The caller is responsible for selecting the balls that have letters and numbers written. His job is to read out loud the letter and number combination to the players.
  3. Distribute cards and chips. Generally, a player can have one card but to make it more exciting, he can have more than one card during the game. This can be harder but it increases the chances of winning. Also, you do not have to check if the players have the same number of chips because it is unnecessary for the rules of the game, if you need more, you can take more chips.
  4. Mark the free space. This is the easiest placement because it is free, it does not need a number to cover it. Usually, the free space is in the middle of the bingo card.
  5. When you are playing within the bounds of your home, put the balls in the spinner. If you do not have a spinner, you can buy this from a game or toy store. However, to enjoy the game, you do not have to buy a spinner, prepare a bucket, place the balls and mix them. This way, you can save money yet enjoy the thrills of the game.
  6. This time, the caller will start to choose a ball without looking. He reads the letter and number combination but in the UK, the caller just reads the number.
  7. When the caller reads a number that is on your card, place a chip. This time, the player must be extra attentive or else, he will miss out an opportunity to complete the pattern.
  8. Shout Bingo when you completed a full row. Remember, you must shout loud enough so that the caller can hear you. You can either lose the game if the caller has called another number or is about to read it.
How To Play Bingo

These are the steps on how to play bingo and enjoy the rest of the game.