Bag Your Bonuses At Betfred Bingo

One of the sites lesser often associated with bingo is that of Betfred. Having been known primarily as a sports betting site you surely can’t have missed the various banners on numerous football matches or failed to notice Stephen Henrdy and other well known sports stars sporting their logo and backing their brand. However, most recently they’ve been making a real push to get the bingo part of their site up and running, attracting new players and offering various bonuses to those who sign up. This is typical of any new bingo site who will pull out all the stops to get as many new players as possible in what has become an extremely cut-throat world of online bingo, with a new site appearing practically every single day and players seeking out just about any bonus they can possibly find for you to jump on board with and give them an edge over their competitors who are also doing whatever they can to poach new players and build up a solid customer base. After all, if they weren’t to do this they would quickly find themselves losing out big time and find that their brand went down the pan in a matter of weeks, as have numerous companies who have dared to enter the market -some doing so with ridiculous names and takes on the clientele they were after. We won’t name any names but you know who you are! betfred bingo

With this being said we recommend getting along to Betfred and using their bonus codes to get the maximum amount possible for your cash, simply use this Betfred promo code where you can get a 300% bonus on your first deposit. They will also send you out a range of bonuses via email once you’re registered and you can take them up on their 5 pound no deposit offer to play on a range of their games.

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